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Marco Iannello

Hello, Marco Iannello from Manchester, Italian pianist/keyboardist/composer.
Musically born as a classical pianist, spent my younger years learning the piano on my mum’s August Förster upright.
Transitioned to rock/metal at the age of 23, when I joined a local metal band in Rome playing keyboards, with which I did 2 EPs. Still in Rome, I played in another metal band, as well as a traditional folk band.
In 2010 I left Italy for Sweden, where I did not do any music, but bought a digital workstation and a digital piano that are part of my current music setup.
Fast forward to 2015, when I moved to the UK, joined a metal band, as keyboardist and “orchestral arranger”. Did 2 EPs with this band, as well.
Since 2017 I have been a composer, released a couple of solo albums, scored a couple short films, and now focussing on making library music, but my aim is getting more work for film scores