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Adrian Wadley

Hello all.

I’m Adrian – another new member with very little musical talent but an immense appreciation for those that do, and profound thanks for all the wonderful finds here on pianobook that I have been experimenting with.

On average we’re a musical family – my wife sings in a San Francisco Chorus, and my son plays piano, sax, and clarinet, as well as composing a little. I’m the least musical (I can just about manage a few tunes on the ukulele). But I’ve become inspired by sampled instruments, and have been helping my son arrange his compositions using a range of available sampled instruments. It’s been a steep learning curve over the last couple of months, during which I’ve enjoyed trying out many pianobook submissions.

Since we built a marimba last year (lockdown project) it’s about time I sampled it. I have made versions for Kontakt 6, DecentSampler and EXS24. The DS version has options to access the original unprocessed samples.

Before I submit it is there anyone on the forum that would be kind enough to give it a road test and let me have some feedback? Thanks!