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Steve Amesbury

Hi, My name is Steve, and I’m from the south coast of NSW Australia. I have no musical background and almost no musical talent.

But as I edge ever closer to retirement (or as it creeps ever closer to me) I feel an overwhelming desire to learn, dabble and possibly even one day, contribute to music-making. With a background in computing going back to the dinosaur years (pre-personal computers) using electronic-based instruments comes more naturally to me than traditional (dare I say analog?) instruments. Having spent a lifetime in non-artistic endeavours, I hope to make up for it in my dotage.

My first (pedantic) contribution is to let you know that the wonderful HoveFlute has somehow found its way into the “metallic instrument” category and may be more comfortable somewhere else. I hope that sometime in the future I can contribute something of value.

Until then, my humble and heartfelt thanks to all of you who contribute so much to this wonderful endeavour, and who constantly inspire me!