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Hi everyone,
My name is Ryan Weeks. I am from North Carolina, USA. I have been lurking around pianobook for a while now actually and have made a few demos, and figured I’d say hi/introduce myself.
I grew up learning piano from this instruction book at my grandmas house, learned the notes etc. Later I decided I wanted to play guitar (after watching school of rock actually.. and becoming obssessed with ACDC haha). I sort of got an intuition for how songs were built with the guitar learning chord progressions and picking them out on the radio.
I got introduced DAW’s hanging out with a friend in high school who would produce rap/trap beats and record kids from the area. I would mostly hang around and play a riff on a synth or something when called for I guess.
I mainly got interested in composing sometime around college. Largely gave it up though since I found that no matter how creative I could be musically, using boring sounds always made things sound boring, kind of invariably so..
Years later, covid hit, got stuck inside, decided to pick it up again, and go foraging for good sounding sounds (summer last year), found spitfire and found pianobook and here we are!

Love what pianobook is about, hope to actually try and make some instrument at some point, but haven’t really had any good ideas just yet..

Anyways, HI!