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Chris Oosthuizen

Hi everyone!
My name is Chris, I am from South Africa and a user of Christian Hensons Spitfire Labs, PG Music’s Band in a Box and SFZ in Cakewalk.
I am not formally trained in music or music production and everything I know, I have learnt through trial and error.
Being a guitarist by choice and song writer only in self defense, I often look to samples for inspiration and enhancing my sometimes crappy compositions.
I would have known of this pianobook had it not been brought under our attention from one of my guitar talk friends. I owe him a pint sometime. And this site feels like a gold mine. So deep and so little time.

I do have some material on https://soundcloud.com/chris-oosthuizen-1 for listening. Some instrumentals, and other songs in English and my native language Afrikaans.

I truly believe that this site will grow through the inspiration it inspires.