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m wy

Hi everyone,
Mark from Amsterdam. Pianist, keyboards, conductor, musicals, tango, classical, composer, many other hats.
I want to thank Christian and everyone here for making this astonishingly rich site. What a resource. Wow. Beautiful sounds.
With Corona, like most of the planet, everything has stopped, which gives me more time to investigate things like Pianobook.
I would like to contribute, and have my eye on a large Bechstein grand at a friend’s studio, to make a Decent Sampler set [not into Kontakt – why pay?]. It will be a while, and i am not sure about mics and other equipment – not a professional tech -, but hope to try soon. I have never sampled in a real way before, so i’m unsure of the procedure. I will explore, on this site and elsewhere, and will try to bring myself up to speed.

Again much thanks.