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fabio barbon

Hello! I am Fabio Barbon from Italy, senior computer scientist with an endless love for music and a classical training in pianoforte and composition.

I’ve written for radio and television in the past but never published anything on the internet. Still figuring out whether streaming is good or not for music (right now I am somewhat inclined to believe that too much abundance might be worse than scarsity when it comes to music listening, expecially for composers, but I am more than happy to discuss this subject)

In the meantime I write and record a lot, exploring musical forms and trying to bring together classical compositional techniques, electronic devices (such as modulars synthesizers) and computer music tools (such as csound, puredata and direct C++ coding).

I’ve written some patch sharing websites for popular synthesizers such as Novation Circuit (https://circulate.neuma.studio), Behringer Deepmind (https://deepremind.neuma.studio) and Waldorf Blofeld (https://blofilled.neuma.studio).

Kind regards,