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Hi Everybody ,
I’m John Warwick, from Poplar East London.I’m mainly a Songwriter,Start writing music and lyrics in 2004, Make a whole concept Album in 2019 on my own. I write in many different genres now, staring a New Project, lot of different band under one idea.
Guitar is my main Instrument, I was given an electric Piano by a good friend.Big Fan of Sound and playing with it, Love Organ, Electric Organ, different Piano, Orchestra, use midi a lot.
Love to mix modern song with part of sync, Orchestra and Keys.i call them Motif Parts.
sound cloud page

Came Across a video of Christian , his story blow me away, started watch his videos, then I find Piano-book.
Learning a lot and understand about music and sound ,Plugin and Samples

I have no Training , I’m self taught.