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I would say it sort of depends on the sound, but I would try to squeeze out as much of the processing from the hardware synth as you can.

I used to have a reface DX that I built this lovely organ-y-sounding electric piano patch on before I sold it. It had just a tiny bit of crunch and reverb on it but otherwise was super pure and soft sounding. Before I sold the synth, I recreated the exact FM patch on alchemy for logic so that I could keep the sound for future use. Just one issue, however: The logic patch sounds unfortunately nicer than the reface one did.

Something minute about the timbral difference and processing available to me itb couldn’t quite replicate the exact sound of that synth of which I had sentimental value attached — even though it wasn’t even an analog synth.

I think thus for me what’s important is getting sounds out of the synth that are otherwise incredibly difficult if not impossible in the DAW, even if they are close. That waveform might be unique to the synth, but even if you’re filtering and doing modulation inside kontakt there’s a good chance the same chain and type of effects is going to sound different ever so slightly on that hardware.

And that’s what you wanna capture.