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Thomas Schimmack

Hello Eric,
Hello Angus and David and all other Kontakt magicians.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck too!
Or maybe I’m just too stupid. 🙂

I’m currently building my first instrument.
I successfully recorded it with the latest template (3.37) in Logic (10.6.1) and edited it there.

I followed the instructions on Pianobook exactly and wanted to load my “Monolith Wave” file into the linked Kontakt template (Kontakt full 6.4.2 and piano-template-full-v1 (from November 16, 2020) (one file, 1.45GB, stereo)

Unfortunately, not a single sound is played by Kontakt.

I have watched various videos on YouTube, but unfortunately there seem to be other versions of the template (including separate edit and recording templates) than you can currently load.

I am totally confused.
Unfortunately, there are also many useful tips hidden in various of Christian’s videos, making them very difficult to find, even if you know that you have seen them at some point.

What am I doing wrong, who can help me?
Or is it the same bug Eric had?

Is it possible in the future to link the latest instructions on YouTube?
I lost the overview! 🙂

Many thanks!