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Hi Marcus,

I for one have genuinely appreciated all of your demos – especially for the latest instruments, before any other demos have been linked to. At such times there are only two ways to find out what an instrument sounds like:

1) Download it yourself and try it out (bandwidth and HDD space-hungry, time-consuming and occasionally counter-productive);
2) Go and watch the pianodrop in which the instrument is featured and try to glean as much as possible about its potential in the few seconds that it’s being demonstrated there.

This links to a forum post I’m about to write, entitled ‘Wishlist for the new pianobook site/food for thought’.

Only being allowed to submit one demo per week is challenging for me, too; I feel like I’m going cold turkey because it means I’m now posting more than a week behind the latest additions. Quite often it’s only the pianobook demos that are played on my Soundcloud page and I find it frustrating having this audience reduced to a minimum. However, I fully understand the reasons for the new guidelines and it would therefore be wrong for me to complain about the changes.

Thank you, Da Fingaz, for all of your contributions to pianobook to date. Long may they continue.