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Marcus Manderson

Definitely good point about multiple demos. If I do demos that are more than just the instruments, I always offer the “contextual” and the “naked” versions so that both sides are covered.

Those will definitely be missed from the Pianobook Soundcloud page. You are correct with most of my demos only featuring the main sound or main library. There maybe just a handful that uses sounds from mixed library. Even then, I submitted each individual multitrack so it can be featured on just that library page.

Also, a lot of the demos I did were the default settings and sounds (maybe boosting the volume to a good level).

I’m not sure now if my demos would be helpful (if featured on a personal SoundCloud and not on the Pianobook page), so I may have to monitor the numbers over the next few weeks to see if it’s really helpful or not.

Heading over to your post now!