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Hi Marcus,

My minimalist wishlist is here:

Wishlist for the new pianobook site/food for thought

Since our conversation I’ve had an additional idea about volunteering to submit demos for the latest instruments to avoid the ‘zero demo’ problem you allude to above. Perhaps if both of us were to put our hands up to volunteer to make demos, and even be allocated the instrument in question by Simon or one of the others running the site, that might be considered to fall outside the standard guidelines? All the preceding assuming, of course, that the site users find our demos helpful. As I’ve already said, I’ve found your demos invaluable in past months.

The advantage for me of multiple instrument demos only being posted to a single, featured instrument page is that now I’ll probably focus on making recordings with fewer instruments. In the past I’ve chosen to make a balance of pianobook instruments in a) a full band setting and b) as showcased instruments where the chosen instrument is perhaps the only one on a demo, apart from drums/percussion and maybe bass. I still feel it’s important for the demos provided to offer a mix in this way because – for me as a composer and musician, at least – as well as wanting to hear an instrument upfront, I also want to hear it in context to find out how well it will sit within a complete mix.

I think I’m correct in saying, Marcus, that you’ve largely gone for the former with most of your demos – i.e. the chosen instrument featured, upfront, perhaps zooming in on one or two effects or sounds unique to that instrument.

Anyway, I have time and would be up for volunteering to supply regular demos, provided other pianobook users think it would be helpful.