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And here is the SFZ if you want it:

Title: Rob's Andean Quena Flute
Instrument: Andean Quena Flute
As it turns out, it's actually made from a stalk of sugar cane and originates
from the Andes mountains in Peru – go figure!

http://www.sfzformat.com/ https://plogue.com/products/sforzando.html Recorded by: Rob Asselstine (https://www.pianobook.co.uk/author/rga/) Terms of Use: https://www.pianobook.co.uk/terms Published on: Dec 23, 2020 =========================================== SFZ by Sid Place this SFZ file in the folder with the D3.wav file. */ // Pianobook MVP SFZ Template V 1.0 <control> label_cc007=Master Volume label_cc010=Master Pan label_cc074=Brightness label_cc064=Sustain set_cc074=127 set_cc010=64 <global> amplitude_oncc7=100 ampeg_attack=0.005 ampeg_decay=0 ampeg_sustain=100 ampeg_release=1 ampeg_hold=0 ampeg_delay=0 offset=0 loop_mode=loop_continuous loop_start=15510 loop_end=142473 note_polyphony=2 note_selfmask=off // soft piano style fil_type=lpf_2p cutoff=200 cutoff_cc074=9600 //=========================================================================== <group> group=1 group_label=Flute <region> sample=D3.wav hikey=100 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=D3