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Vyacheslav Basharov

‘@planist that would be a nice touch! If you manage to do it, share the script I’ll add it to the library.

The best way I found to do it was to just repeatedly play and hold the note (even use a sustain pedal) and I get a very short note creeping in occasionally (which makes me think its the RRs).

Ah yes found it – I’ll need to resubmit, but in the meantime you can fix it by opening the Mapping Editor and removing the sample at G1, velocity 94 (RhodesMK1_G1_100.wav), and filling the remaining gap with the one below.

I found that you made a VST plugin version of this previously. Is that still available?

I did start on a VST version (the one from the video), but switched to Kontakt since it was more familiar to me, easier to develop and distribute. It’s not available yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

Regarding the name “Rhodesian”…

No bad intent there whatsoever, thanks for pointing it out. I’ll think about changing it.