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Steve Amesbury

Thanks Sid,
Clearly I chose the wrong example, probably because that was one I was trying to make use of most recently. Possibly the reason I choose some of the instruments I have downloaded is that they sound so darn good in their camel suits! But then I find out that while they work brilliantly as a sole/feature intrument, they would be useful in a variety of other uses if they weren’t quite so wet.

I did try to fiddle with the Instruments Send FX, but clearly I was too timid. Thanks for your advice, I will try these and save as a separate instrument (because I still like it as is). I noticed that there is only one sample, so it should be easy enough, even for me. As mentioned I’m not very experienced with Kontakt, but I have tried creating my own very basic instruments (based on other people’s raw samples), so I certainly will experiment as you have suggested.

I will also try to pay more attention at the horse sales from now on.