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Interesting that you chose the “Bamboo” instrument, since it specifically says:
Multiple reverbs and delays were stacked together to create a mass of sound, and then captured as an impulse response. The IR was then used in Kontakt along with some more reverb and delay. (emphasis mine)

It seems you went to a horse auction, somehow bought the only camel on offer, were surprised that it was not a horse, and then proclaimed that all they sell are camels. (just pulling your chain haha).

So, out of curiosity, I downloaded the Bamboo instrument and listened to the raw sample. It is super dry. If you are handy with Kontakt, you could create your own instrument with that sample mapped (I believe it is an A, there is only one.) Alternatively, you could click the wrench to open the instrument, scroll down to where it says Instrument Send FX, and delete them all (convolution reverb, reverb, and delay are there), scroll down to Modulation, and you can play with the Release length. Should make it as dry as the original sample.