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Tony McK


Many of the Pianobook sample libraries will work with Kontakt Player for 15 minutes, then they will time out and you have to reload them (this isn’t the case if you have the full paid-for version of Kontakt.) Depending on whether you have the latest version of Kontakt Player, some libraries may say ‘your version of Kontakt is too old’ and wont load. Rather than showing up under the ‘Libraries’ tab in Kontakt (where any paid for licensed libraries appear), you have to search for downloaded Pianobook libraries under the ‘Files’ tab – open the Pianobook folder wherever you have downloaded it on your system and look for the .nki file(s), then click on one of these to load the instrument (some libraries have more than one, eg. if there’s another version of the instrument that has been put through some extra processing etc.)