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Peter H


Good Idea Angus! I am looking forward to more videos and tutorials.

I want to add 2 things

1. Yes, Bob is right. With the Photosynthesis engine there is already a Kontakt Template that provides a lot of knobs and functions. Its free / donationware, the engine is open source and free to redistribute. Here is it: https://www.exoticstates.com/photosynthesis/engine

2. A more simple GUI, with less functions, like the one you have provided may be better suited to most instruments here on Pianobook, besides .. the aestetics work pretty well together.
Just one question: I am used to go up/down and not left right to change knob values ‘(thi is Kontakt Default). How do you change the knobs react to mouse movement in your tempalte (which has probably horizontal sliders in the backgroudn of the graphical knobs).

BR Peter

ps. @Bob: Which Photosynthesis skin are you refering to on your Melodica description: “Jeremiah Pena’s Photosynthesis and the Season3 skin”. I ask because i don’t really like the Photosynthesis GUI, its actually kind of ugly, and i would be interested