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Thanks for the template. I just wish to chime in and say I like having several templates for more or less advanced patches. Sometimes you would get creative with a tiny sample set and make heavy use of fx and modulation and need a bountiful supply of knobs and faders. Sometimes it’s just 1:1 samples with velocities and round robins and nothing else where as four knobs would be stressful enough. What am I going to connect to these buttons? I can’t release it as is, it’s obviously not ready since I’m using a fraction of this template. And so patches that could be enjoyed by us all instead stays put in a folder not shared with anyone.

I’m using Reason as my primary DAW where the Combinator has four knobs and buttons whether you use them or not. Even if I can load graphics as a backdrop for a device, Kontakt GUIs has the advantage of customization. That said, I could enjoy an even smaller template where I’d just have 2 knobs. May it be blending mics or controlling velocity sensitivity. Just simple patches.

Most of my Kontakt thingies are made from scratch instead of templates because it’s faster than reaching for Photosynthesis and start off by scrapping 90% of it.