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First things first: you don’t necessarily need another VST for that, what you are looking for is a library that works in a VST like Decent Sampler or Sforzando / Sfizz (or if you have: Kontakt, Falcon or any other commercial sample engine).

There are plenty of good libraries here on Pianobook and on the web, just try a few and keep the ones you like most. If you want to play intricate solos, you most likely are looking for many velocity layers and round-robins, so that it sounds as realistic as it can get.

Piano in 162 (huge, almost 5 gb, SFZ):

Salamander Grand Piano by Alexander Holm (SFZ):

Maestro Grand by Mats Helgesson (SFZ):

From the Pianobook library these are some of the ones I liked and kept:

    Baldwin Piano
    Bechstein 1911 Upright
    Bluthner Leipzig
    Church Steinway
    English Classic
    Headroom Piano
    Grand Studio A
    Rattvik Upright
    Sol’s Piano
    Steinway Grand
    Yamaha U1

Another option would be physical modelling based piano VSTs, Pianoteq for example