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Maxime Van Damme

Hi both,

Thanks much for your feedback ! I’ll probably add two round robins (have to look at how to do that first :D) then upload it, otherwise I might keep postponing it aha.
Regarding the fact that notes ring too long, I agree with you that in the demo it doesn’t sounds that good. However, from a realism point of view, this is how it sounds like when I play it on the guitar (if I don’t mute the chord myself). I was first thinking to add keys in an unused octave to be able to mute each chord separatly (without having to play another note on that same chord), but it might be tidious for the usability so I’ll also enable the user to change attack/release even with the “guitar simulator” on; that way he can tweak to what fits best for him.

Thanks again for the comments 🙂 .