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I know nothing of microphones. But if you follow Christian Henson’s videos on youtube for any time you’ll know that he thinks the world of the Shure SM57. And numerous times recommended it as one of, if not the best all round microphones. Inexpensive too at around $100.

Recently I heard an engineer say with a very elaborate and expensive microphone collection that if he had just one mic it would be a Shure SM7b. According to him it was developed as a kick drum mic. Now pretty much the standard in broadcasting / podcasting. He can use it for anything. Strings, guitars, drums, bass, vocals, whatever. Again not the most expensive mic in the world at $400.

The most important thing I guess is to play to the strength of whatever you get. Obviously a cheap sm57 is going to give you a different sound than a Neuman U67 microphone that costs a whopping $7000. The question is, do you need that sound? Maybe not.