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It’s totally similar to mine, and the added controls allow for much easier tweaking. Some notes on my thought process on the original…

I started with that Samson GoMic and practiced the workflow and mic positions. I borrowed another condenser mic and started to mess around with stereo recording. I was comparing it to other sampled pianos that I have, including Sol’s Piano. Adding the stereo helped alot, but those crappy mics I used were too harsh. So I kept tweaking using a low pass filter with a cutoff around 1500 Hz, but the overtones get lost. So I’d say the only difference with your version may be that I eq’d out some of the harshness on the GoMic layer specifically and kept the overtones alive with the AT2035’s.

I prefer playing sampled pianos that give you the sense of playing a piano yourself, as opposed to the perspective of the audience – so I close mic’d the strings when my AT2035’s came in. But then I thought just for the heck of it I’d use the GoMic to get further away from the strings and get some more of the room effect. So my preference is to rely on the AT2035’s and turn up the GoMic to taste.

Again, I’m happy people are using it, and if you use it for any recordings, do let me know and link me to it. Its the most fulfilling part of doing it.