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The sense of claustrophobia can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I try to remind myself that we’re lucky to have a home and space in the garden with birdsong and (most importantly when you have a 4 year old) a swing.

The lockdown comes at a strange time for me personally. A lot of changes happening emotionally and professionally. I think if we weren’t on lockdown I might be forcing a proactiveness – trying to develop/fix/create things as quick as possible. Whereas the lockdown has forced these changes to happen slowly and naturally. While frustrating for someone whose mind races at a fair old clip, as the weeks go by I appreciate the slower pace more.

I’m reading less, but reading better. Working less (due to home schooling), but working better.

I have also been reframing a lot of what is going on as a rehearsal for the future. Or maybe not a rehearsal, but a forced chance to experience what sustained emergency feels like and how it affects everything from mortgages to medicine to toilet rolls. I really don’t mean this as pessimistically as it will probably sound, but the last year has shown that we live very precariously. Floods, fires, viruses. What I’m getting at is that rather than scream at the horror, I’m trying to reflect and learn from it.

I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up experimenting with domestic wind-power or keeping bees, but thinking about it has been keeping my mind from wandering down darker alleys.