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Joshua Meltzer

One book that has been extremely helpful throughout the years during trying times in my life is “When Things Fall Apart”, by Pema Chodron. For those not familiar, Pema is Buddhist nun and also a westerner so she is able to take some of those eastern ideas and make them very tangible to those not well versed in those philosophies.I’m not one to recommend books often but this one I have done so many times. It deals with the uncertainty and sense of groundless-ness we all feel during hard situations and how to accept and embrace those rocky feelings more openly. Like some of you I have struggled with some anxiety. I think many creative and sensitive people do as we feel too much at times! Anyways…. Best to all of you from Lockdown, USA. I’ve been lucky to get out in to nature and hike a lot, which helps! Take good care, Josh