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Darren Prescott

Interesting topic. I think the cases of anxiety and low mood/depression will undoubtedly increase during this dreadful period. So much bad news and it seems there is literally no-where to escape to, even if we could escape.

It is important to be wise about how much of this news one exposures oneself to. It’s very easy to be gripped by bad news since humans seem to find this stuff addictive (something to do with our ancient past when knowing local bad events would help our chances of survival within the tribe?). So be conscious of absorbing too much. It’s a balancing act. I’m not advocating a complete media blackout, but a short daily update and no more will surely keep the anxiety monster in its cage.

(The BBC do very good summaries on their website, so it makes it easy to keep in the loop without drowning in the fear and dread of it all.)

I’m self-isolating in order to protect my elderly mother who has underlying health problems. I work in a hospital so feel like I might be more likely to catch the virus than most. I’ve had to take unpaid leave to in order to remain at home.

I’ve decided to turn this bad situation into a positive by composing more. I suffer with anxiety and depression so it helps me take my mind off anything bad.

I also think it’s so important to stay in touch with your loved ones through any/all means available. I try to FaceTime with my niece and nephew most days.

Take care everyone and try to keep positive.

Kind regards,