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Hi Carl, interesting that I was saying to a friend that this feels very familiar to when you have your first kid. You’re in this terrifying hinterland with no apparent end. Only when you have your second child do you look back and go “aw that wasn’t so bad” and actually enjoy that hellish first few weeks with a newborn all over again.

To exhaust this analogy I feel that the economic urge to return to work will eventually overwhelm this current societal need to comply to social distancing. It is not yet one day after posting my video that the doom mongers at the Guardian report this:


Where I think it was totally expected. Someone very helpfully pointed out to me how to predict an outcome based on one witnessed elsewhere but where the context is ENTIRELY different is about as unscientific as you can get. Will it be better here, worse here, who knows, but will surely not be the same as somewhere else where the circumstance is non-comparable. The only thing you can guarantee by comparing a pair of non comparable situations is that the outcome will certainly be different. You can use one as a marker of the other, better or worse, similar or very different. That is it.

I predict that these types of articles will turn from a trickle to a stream at which point commerce and industry will put unbearable pressure on governments to relax the current measures, one country will fall, then another. I imagine we’ll see a Swedish model here where we all get back to work whilst the aged are instructed to stay indoors. Then later in the year we’ll have a second outbreak, a second lockdown but one which will again will be unlike the first as the context and understanding will be different. Kind of like one’s second child. Next time round, we’ll be better prepared and possibly even look forward to doing the things we didn’t get to do the first time.

I could balance this post with the misery I think we’re all going to witness (hopefully from afar) over the next few weeks but wish to offer up the yang to the perpetual yin that we’re being force fed.

Wow, this forum is a good way of wasting time editing a massive mix tutorial with Jake Jackson…. gonna have to ration my exposure to it!!