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Well, I’ve been at home for 4.5 weeks now. The first few days were rough, but I got into a routine. I’m working from home on my laptop. The only thing I miss about the office was an ergonomic chair… my upper back is quite tight from working on a laptop all day.

Mentally I’m fine as long as I can go for a daily walk and enjoy some fresh air outside. There were a couple days with bad weather so after a few days, you felt a bit cooped up. Though I’m walking every day, I’m still gaining weight as my usual high intensity exercise of ice hockey is on hold.

One negative, is that I find that other than my walk, my entire day is switching between screens, whether work or play.

One positive – there’s no daily commute and nowhere to go at night, so I’ve been able to nerd out in the evenings. I just finished my first Kontakt instrument that I will be uploading to Pianobook soon. To give it some context I set up my first YouTube channel and first website ever. So far I only have the one intro video for the channel, but I’m half done making a walk through video of my Kontakt instrument. Once that video is done, I’ll upload it both the video and the sample instrument.

Tonight I just launched my first website! I’m no web designer and it’s not perfect, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I still have a lot to learn about this stuff, but I’m making progress.


So all-in-all, this isolation has allowed me to focus.

I hope you’re all staying safe!