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I think the lockdown has made me finally accept that I’ve retired! Well, almost. At almost 73 years of age I’m supposedly ‘elderly’ and in a vulnerable group. I’m luckier than most maybe as I live in the country and have two acres of my own land to wander in. I haven’t been beyond the gate for weeks now. My nearest neighbour is about 300 yards away. I have my office/studio in a building next to the house so I can carry on as normal in that sense. My wife is a teacher and now working from home and my two girls are also at home as school and college are closed. Everyone doing stuff via the internet though.

I am starting to miss the freedom – and gutted that a recent few days in France with my wife was of course cancelled. We have a family trip to Normandy in July but I have no idea if that will go ahead yet. I’m used to spending my days more or less alone in ‘normal’ times but now have the family around all the time and it does change things. It’s the lack of control I feel frustrating – that and the lack of knowledge about what is really going on. I just don’t trust what we are being told – or at least not all of it. I can’t believe the incompetence of the uk government and the continual lying to us.

I’m writing more music than ever – two albums since the middle of February – over 2 hours of music in total and am working hard on number three. Downside is I am eating and drinking more and that can’t be good. I’m trying to remain optimistic and most days are ok. Most but not all.

Stay home – stay safe everyone – keep working on music – and this will pass.