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Day job involves implementing government homelessness strategies so it’s been interesting to see the shift from some funding and initiatives which make some difference swing quickly in the direction of ‘get everyone off the streets now and we’ll talk money later’. Not least of all because the reasons people might be homeless are also reasons why they won’t necessarily self-isolate or be aware of the news. After two weeks self isolation of my own (laptop, voip headset, 8 hours a day hustling remotely followed by youtube/Call of Duty in the evenings – cheers Christian for the videos, lovely distraction) I was back in the world, explaining to groups of lads that the PM is in intensive care, doctors are dying, and no, you can’t get your UC claim sorted because an extra million people have just signed on so there’s backlog but here’s a roof over your head and some food in your belly.

The panic attacks before heading out in the morning are the worst thing, knowing 95% of my friends are creatives or furloughed and safe indoors while I’m out getting coughed at, then there’s the realisation that it’s 4pm and you’ve been talking to an endless queue of people coming to you for five or six hours straight and your knees aren’t really up to it anymore and you can’t write down what you need to do because you’re shaking too much, so… the abstraction of contextless audio is a huge help, a new sample library to lose myself in, a different place to be… I’ve redirected my pub spending towards things like stratus and bitwig in March, sublimation works.

For every keyworker there’s someone creating something, on here or elsewhere, that takes their mind off the day they’ve had, and the value of that can’t be overstated.

Cheers all. Nothing is permanent, this will pass.