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William Rickman

Well, here in Sweden we seem to be very optimistic. When the Berlin wall came down we simply got rid of most of our army, home defence – and, civil defence with all the moveable hospitals (that did cost us a fortune to create)
So, now we are waking up to a reality that pretty much changed everything, and this insight comes to mind: In this instant curling credit economy we now live in, there is no room for such things as Corona, or any disturbance at all really. We seem to fall flat in a matter of days.
Spending my days in front of the computer, making some music and go deep diving into mixing tricks from the net, I can’t help thinking of my father. He is gone now, but he spent 5 years in the air force during the war. Apart from the airstrip they farmed the flottilla for potatoes, sallad and carrots.
I think I will do some gardening tomorrow – we´ve got 14 degrees here now. So its about time I think.

Best to you all, and take care

Bosse, Stockholm Sweden