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Hi Christian,

This lockdown could not have come at a less favourable time. My company I work for is bankrupt, my job is insecure and my grandmother died a few weeks ago. Life has hit me hard in these times.


I read Keith Theodosiou’s thread about his big mistakes in this forum and I’ve been through something similar. So I thought to myself: Now in this time it is perfect to start learning new things again. So I got myself a piano teacher (via Skype) and since then I practice piano every day and study harmony every day. Besides I also do home office…for the illusion 😀

Since the lockdown, I’ve finally come out of the rush and high speed of everyday life and into the quiet time again, so I have time to get to the root of the problems in my musical and private life. It is of course difficult to keep myself in a good mood every day, but I think it is really beautiful how the whole world stops and I have the feeling that everyone is taking a deep breath to reflect for a moment and prepare for the following months when everything starts again.

Thanks for reading