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Emil G.

Christian, thank you for all of your support. You are a shining light in the darkness that seems to be all around us.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. It really helps.

This has been incredibly difficult, disruptive and depressing. Business has virtually stopped. And although there are a lot of good people online, and we like to think of this as global community, community to me requires some time spent physically together. I am sad when I look at the empty chairs around the table where friends and collaborators once sat.

At first is was hard to even think about being creative, but I am past that now. Music is the cure and I am thankful for that.

Yesterday I received a delivery. The driver, dressed in a full hazmat suite, put it on the porch and ran. It was surreal, and very depressing. Especially because the likelihood that this will continue for months or even years, now seems unavoidable with the current governments that have seized power and control, and taken away our civil liberties.

I would love to be able to go out and see the sunrise everyday, but all of our parks here have been closed, and massive fines have been put into place should I attempt to reach them.

When this first happened I thought it might be an opportunity to get out and do some field recording of nature without all of the usual din of internal combustion engines. But that was short lived, as there is nowhere to go.

This has hurt us all deeply, but it is especially hard for the hardworking people I know that face financial ruin. And really that is what is hurting me the most.

I am one of the lucky ones and don’t face this type of calamity. So really I should not complain. Still I can’t shake the anxiety.

As a distraction, I have been knee deep in spring cleaning, and hope to create a sense of calm in the yard as spring turns to summer. It is still cold out and snow expected next week but there are buds on the trees and the bulbs are starting to pop out, so there is hope.