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My way of staying positive is catching these:


I have an alarm that goes off, I drag myself out of bed, and I drag myself up a hill for fear of missing the thing I need to catch at the time I need to catch it at. I then return and there are half a dozen fixed things I need to do, copy SD card, curate audio, import footage, speed up and grade, create top and tail cards, export, upload.

…and thats it, before the rest of the house wakes up I have made something.

Meaningless, yes, but its something that wasn’t there when I dragged myself out of bed, and it makes me feel good. If nothing else goes well today I have that to look at and reflect upon.

I think we will see the media-tide make a huge turn over the next 10 days. It controls the narrative not only in our own heads, but those of our leaders. A friend of mine has covid and we thought she was going to die, because that is what the media made us think was likely. She was suffering hugely at home and the doctors refused to take her into hospital. This is, on reflection, because they knew she wasn’t going to die. Just like we know it is highly unlikely we’re going to die if we catch flu. Possible yes, likely, no.

It is the uncertainty that is crippling us with fear, so my personal mission is to seek certainty even if all that we can be certain of is that we will be uncertain.

Germany is seeing a reduction in cases, so is Spain, Japan has come off “National Emergency”, China had no deaths from covid yesterday (if you can trust what they say). The emergency nightingale hospital in London is not being used and London hospitals have not yet reached capacity.

Those are the positives I’m leaning on with the certainty that we’ll become more certain about things soon and that we’ll all probably regret not learning German, reading that book, nor indeed starting that album during this weirdly wonderful but definitely uncertain time.

Thats my waffle for the day.