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Generally, I’m not one to complain or emote about negative times in my life, but this seemed like an appropriate place/time to vent a little bit…so please forgive my long post.

Like many freelancers, my work has been massively disrupted/discontinued as a result of the lockdown. I make my living primarily from playing my French horn in orchestras, recording sessions, and teaching. I went from working constantly to nothing, and it all happened virtually overnight. Fortunately, I was able to move my horn studio to online lessons, which seem to be going well. My girlfriend plays horn on a national broadway tour, and her shows have been cancelled until late May… but who really knows. Although it’s great having her home, it’s a shame that she is home under these circumstances. Financially, we should be fine and able to ride this out, but I fear for my friends and colleagues who this was financially devastating for. Unemployment benefits have been extended to gig economy and self-employed individuals, but they are overwhelmed here and they are running behind by at least a week.

On a positive note, I read an article today that suggested that here in Ohio, we will reach peak infections this week without overwhelming the state’s hospital resources. I feel incredibly thankful for the decisive and early actions taken by our governor, which has been in stark contrast this country’s Great Orange Clown. The lack of a concert schedule has also freed up plenty of time for composing as well as sampling the various instruments and noise-makers that I have around the apartment. I submitted my first sample to pianobook yesterday, and plan on doing several more.

I hope everyone is doing their best to stay positive and healthy.