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Maximilian Kisbiro

The mirrorman commands us to eat healthy and do sports. He can only be seen through a portal in the shiny part of our cave. This portal is guarded by some invisible repelling force.. enabling him to rule over us with terrifying warpaint, big big eyes which can suck out your soul and his scepter made from red material not known to man and yellow charms made of unkown weavings. He orders us to find this scepter in our own dimension, soak it in water and remove all the paintings from the walls of our cave after enchanting the holy water with deadly yellow poisons…

TBH I am quite displeased. The tech-company I am working for got rid of all students due to financiel problems and the actual crisis. 3 Months ago I put nearly all my savings in my flat and now m income is gone too. My halfly-finished master-thesis likewise. So my financial stability is in enormous danger and finidng a new job isnĀ“t that easy aswell at this time. And when all this is over, I also have to start over with a new master-thesis. Actually im devasted becuase of this. Sorry to put my weight on your shoulders. And at this point I am not really able to take a look at the bigger picture, which is also discussed here, sorry. Thanks for the redditpost @Richard Fernando!

But I am working on a concept-LP with a local singer for 1 years now and I am about to wrap up the first half. There is a lot of cross-referencing between all of the tracks and at the point, where I currently am, I want to create some new themes incooperating most of the used motifs so far and i pushed this work in front of me for some months now. Yesterday I analyzed the first 3 songs regarding harmonical, melodical and rhythmic motifs and ma de a whole harmonic analysis for these songs to extract the patterns and crate a more complex pattern and put different pieces from different songs into it. It is quite hard for this part to not sound like shit^^ I know, that I am asking a lot of this part but I want to wrap it all up to this point as elegant as possible. And I also want to do this with the second half of the LP so i have two major themes for a final song, which could be arranged in the sonata form. Would be a nice twist for some technical death… I hope^^