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Yay! Another linux user here 🙂

Tres – thanks so much for the heads-up on sfizz! That’s truly amazing – it looks so much easier to use than messing about with linuxsampler (sorry LS, you’re great and all, but just so damned stuck in your ways!).

I’ve also had some limited success in getting LABS to work in wine but it’s just so flakey that it’s not really practical to work with. @Christian – I would LOVE it if you could look into the option of having the LABS instruments include a linux plugin (VST or LV2) – I think you’d have a pretty devoted audience of up and coming musicians from a broad range of backgrounds who would be all over that! You’ll see more of them coming out of the woodwork as we get more SFZ versions up here on pianobook.

I’m partway through a Bachelor of Music degree here in Australia, and I’m using only linux for all of my coursework (not always easy, but the lecturers at least make an effort to be platform-agnostic – or at least, tolerant!). I’m 44, so a late starter at my degree, but have been into music and tech (separately or together) in various forms off and on since I were a wee bairn.

My main software stack is based around Ardour and Musescore, and love the x42 and calf plugins. I’ve been toying with the virtualplaying orchestra for a while but never found a way to use it efficiently, but it looks like sfizz is answering that problem for me!