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Larry Seyer

Thank you!

Yes, I’m familiar with Soft Drums. They sound great! In fact, that quality of sampling is one of the reasons I was inspired to upload one of my drum kits.

I will not be uploading any more drum kits from the “Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums” or “POWERKits” drum library. The reason for this is I am actively pursuing re-releasing the library.

Whether I release it myself, or find someone to work with, it will be happening at some point.

I am researching the options I have for formats. I know I do not want to use Kontakt. And although I love how SFZ sounds and the flexibility of it, it does not support multiple outputs which my drum kits require.

Today I found out about the HISE format and am currently learning more about it.

We will see as time passes what the best option with be for the library.

All the best to you!