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bo din

The issue is in the code.
If you have a text editor, open the “lofi Audio – the Janstorp.dspreset” file.
Search and replace:
Samples/ JTP

replace all with:

Notice there is a space between the “/” and the “J” in the original file. This will fix that.

This is most perculiar indeed Sid, the Windows wav files actually have that space in the name. Having replaced the space in the text based file but not the wav files, I now get the exact issue that Brian had. Obviously, I’ll try with the space back in the text based file. And it loads again.

Did Sid fix it for you, Brian ?

Windows 10
Build 19042.985
FL Studio DecentSampler v1.0.5 vst3 plugin.
DecentSampler v1.0.5 standalone.

By the way the 2.6GB Schimmel Piano by Andrew Finch freezes and occasionally crashes the standalone and FL Studio. I can see there are some samples that are in two folders; in the Sustain/mp folder numbers 32 to 88, which are also in the main Samples folder. I’ll maybe look at the text and see if it needs all the files where they are.