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Found a partial confirmation of your issue in my linux version:

When loading the preset from the Browse menu, it displays two presets of the same title,
“lofi Audio – the Janstorp”. One of these works, but the other can’t find the samples! BUT,
in the actual folder, there is only one preset file:

/home/username.config/DecentSampler/Sample Libraries/jansportToyKeys/The Janstorp (DS)/lofi Audio – the Janstorp.dspreset

Has some special file-handling feature coding gone awry?

When loading the same soundset from the File menu, only one preset is displayed, and it works.

I’m putting my DecentSampler sound folders in /home/username/Documents, I assume you have
a similar path in mac’s BSD style pathways. I don’t like putting things in the .config folder,
that are not actually configs.

A consideration for sample contributors to ponder, is the use of needless parenthesis and spaces in
the titles of your creations, short and simple will be understood, and better in most cases.

Mac users may also face some special file attribute issues that could exist in some new but poorly tested archive-management utility, if not the mac filesystem itself.
mi tres centavos.