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bo din

Last chance saloon without deleting anything….
Try loading via File and when it asks for the location of the Sample folder, don’t go all the way down to the Samples folder show it the next level up (e.g. Janstorp (DS))

If that doesn’t work.
Dave has uploaded version v1.0.5 for Windows and Linux of DecentSampler that addresses the issue that I had.

Personally, I’d uninstall DecentSampler and then go to

and delete the xml file, the db file and also the Cover Art folder. (These will automatically be recreated when you open the new version, though empty)

Move the Janstorp folder back to where you keep your other Decent Sampler libraries, maintaining the order for the Janstorp folder as in the dropbox image above.

Install v 1.0.5 and load. Fill in your details and select your Sample Libraries Location.
Close DecentSampler or replace it with another plugin.
Reload DecentSampler and allow it a few seconds to scan the folder and then click on File which should now show all the libraries or presets.
Each one you click on will load and a thumbnail image will be added to the Cover Art folder. I strongly recommend immediately opening every preset via the File tab, to create the link in the database and the correct thumbnail as there appears to be a glitch when opening first time in Browse if you haven’t opened via File first.

After that you will be able to open any libraries via File or via Browse > My Libraries.

Just remember to load new libraries and presets for the first time via the File menu.