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Johs Walin

Hi, I find your question to be one of the most important questions in this day and age. My phrasing of that question would be: Does this never ending avalanche of sonic alternatives limit us as creators more than it enables us to finish projects?

Personally: I do believe in limitations. I do believe that the notes and staffs on the paper(or in the piano roll, or midi information in probability engine) always will be the key. I the more time time I spend writing the more I try to challenge my self in bread and butter part of composition: Harmonies, chords, progressions, motifs, rhythms or tension and release.

There is much inspiration in sample libraries, but setting up tone-rows, going for that new scale, new time signatures, working through harmonic concepts is for me the way to start a project. If something in my tool collection enhances what I write, these days it often does, I take that as a great bonus. But I strive to add them on in a later stage of the writing/recording process.