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Bob Ellis

Hi Andrew

Pianolith escaped my radar I think because until a couple of weeks ago I had Kontakt 5 (5.8) but now I have Kontakt (6).

I thought the Photosynthesis engine that I started using was pretty good but this is on another level because of the sample content built in – WOW! You have some of mine too – bonus!

This is going to be wonderful for my current album that is already using a lot of these Pianobook samples but to layer them in 5 with the flexibility of the instrument should really add to the project.

I can see you have put in a serious amount of work so THANK YOU – did Christian preview this on his YouTube channel? Don’t recall seeing it.

I can see it’s not a simple task of replacing samples because you have made the multiple dynamic layers but during this lockdown I worked with Darren J Prescott on the St Helen’s Cantores wonderful choir and he noise reduced the samples brilliantly. However, Pianobook has not published them despite being sent them months ago 🙁

If you would like to replace them because most people might agree that the seat/door noises are a little distracting the NR samples are available here

Thanks again for this wonderful gift to the community.