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Just downloaded it. Thanks for all your work. Amazing.

JFYI, when I load any snapshot, it tends to only load 2 of the patches, even if all five are used in the snapshot. I have to press ‘left’ then ‘right’ on each patch to reload the sample. But weirdly, when I use the randomise button though, all five samples load fine.

If you’re going to develop it further, may I suggest a ‘solo’ button for each patch? At the moment, if the user wants to hear a patch in isolation, they have to turn down the other four volume knobs. Two patches soloed would play both, obviously.

The only other suggestion I would make is to put an adjustable high pass filter before the rest of the effects on the FX page, to control the low-end going into the reverb and delay.

Thanks again, and good luck with Monolith!