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Andrew Foust

Hi Bob,
So glad to hear you are getting good use out of Pianolith. I really like the Photosynthesis engine, well done. Unfortunately, Christian never reviewed Pianolith on his YouTube channel and this is why I’m concerned most people don’t really know about it. It’s not a typical Pianobook instrument. It’s more of a way to leverage all of these wonderful samples people are contributing so they can create something new. I would be happy to create a separate site where I could continually post updates with new sample content, UI updates, and patches. It would also be a lot of fun to let users contribute there own presets since the possibilities are pretty much endless especially as the sample count grows. The randomizer is a really great way to come up with patches quickly if used correctly. All of this is pretty pointless if very people know about the instrument. Hopefully the word will get around. Thanks for your response and I’ll work on getting those cleaner samples into the next release. Take care.