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RE: Kontakt’s SNAPSHOT feature, as it relates to ECHOES, specifically, and others, generally.

I’m nearly too ashamed to respond (at this late date) to your near-instant reply to my ECHOES PRESETS question, posed on JAN 1st of this year. This message due YOU has remained on my TO DO LIST; I’ve simply been on the road working more than at home with my KEYS. Likely, I wouldn’t be here now, were it not for a recent snow storm. My apologies.

Ok…to begin then. Thank you, bodin, for your most excellent & speedy reply!

I understand completely, based upon your thorough response to my query, HOW presets are made, when using the instrument, ECHOES. I guessed that the presets task might be up to ME, but had no clue HOW to accomplish the thing. Thanks to you, now I do.

Again, excuse me for my dreadful reply timeline. I merely wanted you to know your expertise is greatly appreciated.