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bo din

Happy New Year to you Mark !

Very good question. The vastly underused snapshots feature.

No, there are no presets or ‘snapshots’ with Echoes.

To check any if any Kontakt instrument has snapshots;
click on the camera icon and look to the left in the display for the little drop down arrow to the left of No snapshot loaded.
And if there are any snapshots they will be listed.

With Echoes, you have quite a number of controls available for you to alter it.
If you create a sound that you are pleased with, you may be able to save it as a Snapshot by clicking on the camera icon if necessary and then the Save as icon which slight lower and to the left of the camera icon.

I say you may be able to save it, because maybe only full Kontakt is capable of saving whereas Kontakt Player may not be.
For further info, click on the main Load/Save icon to the left of the Settings cog, select Help and then Online Documentation and get the manual !

btw I do indeed have Echoes listed in the K5.8.1 and it actually requires K6. Sorry, can’t edit it unfortunately. It will have to wait until I upload a new thread.