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Greetings Bo Din and Happy New Year’s Day to you!

In the category Guitars & Basses, the Instrument names ECHOES. I have a comment/question, if you please.

It’s my first time to see this interface–I like it! At first, ECHOES produced no sound; as you know, moving the MOD WHEEL corrects that problem and Echoes comes to life!
I understand that perhaps there are associated Presets, yes? I found a file full of Samples, for sure, and am working with mixing the 4 voices that are present, as you double click on the INSTRUMENT…dot…whatever file type is, which opens the interface in Kontakt.

It sounds lovely, But I expect I’m missing much of the instruments capability. How would I access any of the Echoes Presets OR manipulate/load/alter the available samples in this Pianobook interface?

Thank you.
Mark Meador