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There is a bullet to bite, hard and crunchy on the outside,
but oh so sweet on the inside, and the flavors last.

The 16 part multi-timbral Yoshimi synth, with the Folderol Collection soundset
will be a great starting place for building layers of the existing sounds.
You’ll want to set it up in the 32 bit AVLinux distro from

http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/ (It should be installed and ready)

Rufus will aid in a simple usbstick distro install of the downloaded AVLinux .iso file
for safe testing:


There are videos on the AVL site, it’s based on debian MX Linux.
Beyond that, getting familiar with the Rakarrack multi-fx presets,
and choosing to turn on/off the effects on a given panel of 8 effects,
will really put your music in a good place.

Use audacity to import and play your .wav files, and timemachine to record the output,
at the tempo you choose in audacity as best for the particular piece.

These apps will be connected using qjackctl connection gui, again, youtube has videos
to get through the first few hours, and you’ll be glad you did.

AVLinux has wine and plugin wrappers installed, so many windows plugins can be used in linux daws, Reaper and Mixbus daw demos are installed for convenience, and the important audio configurations are in place. You can test via a bootable dvd. Spend a couple days at this, no need to rush things, and I advise installing AVLinux on an external usb drive, so your current system is not put at risk. Later on, you can make other decisions based on experience with your hardware
for a given piece of music.